Sunday, February 01, 2015

How It Used To Be

It used to be that we waited for the actual Super Bowl game to watch the Super Bowl Ads. Now they are available to see with a few clicks days or weeks before the game.

It used to be that there was a Black Friday Sale, on Friday. Now there is a Pre Black Friday Week and a Post Black Friday Week Sale. Same with Cyber Monday. And any other days named to generate a shopping frenzy. And people are actually stampeding and trampling on others and shooting them just so they can be the first to buy stuff.

It used to be that stores would have Christmas music and displays as Christmas approached. Now they are starting to put up the Christmas displays before Thanksgiving. And Valentine displays before the carols have died away.

All of this is laser focused on enticing us to spend money. It doesn't consider our particular economic situation or how it might affect our budget. It is designed to elevate our wants to a perceived level of need -- to create a culture of desire,

What if an equal amount of focus and money was invested in creating a massive cultural shift, to that of giving? Not the kind of giving that is just supporting a fundraiser, the local radio station, or even giving gifts at Christmas.

What if the corporations that spent that much money for a 30-second commercial in the big football game would invest an equal amount in initiatives that fostered a spread of goodwill, volunteerism, and giving? What if that much creativity was applied to helping those less fortunate than us or supporting the efforts to end the massive problem of human trafficking?

Has there ever existed an example of a person who gave selflessly, endlessly, who might set an example for us to follow? I believe there is. Jesus.


Lynne Burkholder said...

Interestingly enough (which by the way this is stellar writing), Jesus gave his life, not his material currency. He had none. He gave all that He needed to give to free us from the death grip. I had never thought about the fact, or rather, put two and two together that what was needed for our release had nothing to do with currency. Hmmmmm........ this post has started my wheels a turning. Thank you, Lynn.

Dale Cupo said...

good thoughts

Denys said...

Preach! Amen!

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