Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Very Cold Very Warm Wedding

The wedding was this afternoon, a very cold day in the middle of January. It was windy even in the clearing in the woods and the thermometer showed just a few degrees above zero. As we waited for the ceremony to begin we huddled in small groups around numerous miniature bonfires and caught up with friends we hadn't seen in too long. And perhaps met new ones. There were hugs and smiles. Laughter and conversations.

As the shadows lengthened the groom and his groomsmen arrived. The groom was there but his entire focus was fixed on a distant point down the path. Eager and anticipating. Before long he slowly shook his head in amazement and wonder as his bride appeared. On the arm of her father she came walking down the path and up the snow covered aisle. There was no need for the audience to rise as the bride appeared. It was a standing room only event.

The warmth of their love and the support of friends definitely transcended any chill. Words of wisdom were spoken, handwritten vows were shared, and rings exchanged. And then Mr. & Mrs. Eric Weaver were introduced to the world!

So grateful for the honor of sharing in this experience.

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