Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun New Coffee

Pretty much my entire day is about some facet of coffee. So I think about it a lot and will no doubt write about it more often.

Once in a while a new thing happens that is a great deal of fun. That happened last week. It traces back to a few years ago when we started brewing our own blend of cold brewed coffee. As it turns out, we ended up a pretty awesome product that has been well received by our friends. Then I began to see photos of some of the larger coffee roasters serving their cold brew "on nitro" and it looked very cool and I wanted to do it as well.

It finally came together last week and we are thrilled with the result. It is a system of infusing nitrogen into the cold brew and serving it with a faucet that causes it to have a soft and creamy feel and a very delicious taste! So far the samples we have given out have produced some very convincing responses and an excited group of "cold brew on nitro" fans.

It will soon be officially available in our coffee gazebo.

Twin Valley Coffee

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