Thursday, January 15, 2015

Music You Will Enjoy

As a parent of six amazing kids, it has been fascinating to watch the unique personalities, interests, talents, and skill sets, develop. Each child is completely unique and they are all different from one another. How cool is that?

One of the benefits of all the different interests is that we get to experience a wide variety of things, and the next event is tomorrow evening. We will be enjoying an evening of great music performed by Christopher, who, along with Brendan Burke and eight additional musicians, will be performing mostly originals.

At some point in the past I have heard most of these musician play or sing and they are all very talented. I have also overheard snippets of arranging sessions and, laying aside all biases, it will be an evening of really good and fun music.

You should be there.

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Lynne Burkholder said...

So glad you laid all biases aside! :)

Lynn Burkholder said...

Actually it is impossible.

Dale Cupo said...

Actually purchased tickets so am committed to finally making one of these gigs!!!

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