Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Baggage of Life

Not a single one of us is exempt from carrying some form of emotional baggage. It's simply the result of living on this planet earth with other humans as flawed as we are. It affects us throughout our whole lives and may work its way to the surface in any number of ways. At the moment, however, I am thinking primarily of the experiences we had in the formative years and the environment in which we grew up.

As parents we are not so naive to assume that our kids will walk away from our care with no baggage of their own. And we also believe that a very important aspect of our parenting effort is conducting ourselves and our home life in such a way as to minimize that baggage.

While there are many areas in which I don't measure up or do what should be done, today, in a frank conversation, I became aware of a pretty significant shortfall.

With God's help there will be a change.

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Dale Cupo said...

Though I wish it weren't,so we too will and have added to our childrens' baggage. Ah but grace!

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