Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long Winded Answers

It started with a simple question about what needed repaired on our car.

"The timing belt. Do you know what that is? Would you like to know? Because it will take the entire trip to where you are babysitting tonight."

What followed the affirmative answer was a discussion of cylinders and pistons, spark plugs, intake and exhaust valves, air-gas mixture, compression, combustion, connecting rod, power stroke, and finally an intro into how the timing belt fits that scene. I described the power of the piston being connected to bike pedals and exerting the power to propel the bike. Always trying for word pictures that will convey the concept in a way I hope it can be understood.

The timing belt discussion happened as we were pulling into the driveway and she said, "Daddy, I know what you just said was the most important part, but I didn't get it and I gotta go now." With that she opened the door and escaped.

If one is to gain a good understanding of something, they will benefit from being aware of the context and back story, and then a detailed explanation. Well, that's my theory, at least, when answering questions posed by my family. Questions about pretty much anything are handled the same way if the questioner is willing.

They have caught on and sometimes I can see the rolling eyes. Or the question might be followed up with, "Just answer yes or no please."

Is that ok with me too?


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Lynne Burkholder said...

You are an educator and have answered many questions over the years! Thank you!

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