Monday, January 26, 2015

Alternative Energy

It's just another thing I am actively interested in learning about and doing. Alternative power sources. Wind generated power. Solar power.

I already have a DC motor that might work, so I think a wind generator will be the first avenue to pursue. I have seen a great web site with a pretty detailed discussion about the process as well as instructions.

When I was growing up in Canada, wind generated power was our everyday source. A tall tree, cleared of branches, with the generator mounted at the top charged a bank of 1.5VDC glass batteries. That 12VDC was then converted with a power inverter to create 110VAC to power our home. No wind. No power.

This won't be happening next week -- it's long-term planning. But I really do want to do it!

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Lynne Burkholder said...

Geothermal is what I have been dreaming of.

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